The Art of Crisis Management

Memo Plus, the ultimate Event Planning HK provides the most comprehensive event management in Hong Kong, as we include top-notch crisis management. Our Crisis Management Training provides expert knowledge in handling unforeseeable PR Crisis, and we can step into assistance in no time, limiting loss and creating prospects. With our Continue Reading

Printer ft. IT Solution

Many printers on the market support automatic double-sided printing, which not only improves efficiency, but also reduces paper waste. With the advancement of technology, even small all-in-one printers can integrate color printing, scanning, photocopying and fax functions. What does it take to be an excellent printer? First of all, it Continue Reading

What makes a good DVR?

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) usually crosses my mind when people are searching for a versatile surveillance device for commercial areas like office spaces or public areas like retail outlets. Simply put, DVR is a computer with hard drives, equipped with a video encoder with coaxial ports for analog cameras. Continue Reading