Introducing Popular Programs for HK Investors

Investors willing to establish a BVI Offshore Company can request expert guidance at CityLinkers. It is a consultancy company that assists clients in setting up and operating companies in Hong Kong and offshore. Their services include collecting the documents, applying for a company setup, and introducing clients to the BVI Offshore Company regulations, among others.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors. Offshore jurisdictions for clients from Hong Kong are highly beneficial. They only need to pay annual fees and the taxes are notably lower than they are in the homeland. Thus, setting up a BVI Offshore Company gives clients more money to invest in other areas of the business, rather than spending it on taxes.

CityLinkers also assists people that want to get the best out of financial programs in Hong Kong. Thus, they lead clients through the Limited Partnership Funds HK regime.

This program gives more contract freedom to business partners. It does not require minimum capital and it doesn’t have statutory investment restrictions. The government of Hong Kong introduced the Limited Partnership Funds HK to encourage private investment funds. It also supports the corporation capital injection’ the fixed fee of the application also saves the cost of setting up the LPF program in other regions

The CityLinkers team provides solutions that clients need to set up the Limited Partnership Funds HK. These experts offer excellent advice and management to investors; they assist clients throughout the entire establishment and growth process and they stay available for all additional services 365 days a year.