Virtual Career Fair Platform is Transforming from Traditional

When all the events started getting canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies struggled in many ways. One of the negative impacts on the business world was related to staff recruitment and training. Company owners had to look for alternatives to hire talents and hold meetings with employees; that’s when an innovative Virtual Career Fair Platform UC. NOW gave them all the solutions they needed.

UC. NOW is a software that functions as a virtual workplace for teams of all sizes. Clients use it as an Online Staff Training Platform HK as well as a Virtual Career Fair Platform. It is a productive program for job seekers and employers.

Job seekers can use advanced filters of the Job Centre on the Online Staff Training Platform HK to apply for suitable jobs. They can browse through all the vacant positions easily and access the application forms on-site.

Employers can review the inbound applications without the Virtual Career Fair Platform. They can schedule online interviews and the software will automatically inform candidates about the scheduled interview time. The Job Centre allows employers to select time slots and it arranges the meetings instantly.

The Online Staff Training Platform HK gained enormous popularity during the quarantine. However, the range of the software went beyond the necessity to use it only in quarantine. Now, reputable institutions and companies are introducing UC. NOW as an innovative way to recruit and train staff. Rather than traveling to meet job candidates, they can interview and train them online. It saves time, effort, and money. The influence of UC. NOW is in an enormous increase that is yet to reach its peak worldwide.