Alcohol Dependent Awareness in Hong Kong for Young People

The incorporation of Alcohol Dependent Awareness programs in schools is extremely important. Young people are at risk of using harmful substances under the influence of their peers, social media, and other factors. To prevent them from falling into destructive habits, youth have to be properly educated. They need to understand why drugs and alcohol are harmful and learn how to avoid them effectively.

KELY Support Group is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong that provides a Mental Health Assessment HK to young people between the ages of 14 and 24. The founders of the organization consider that age group as the most critical when it comes to potential abuse of alcohol and drugs. The Alcohol Dependent Awareness consists of several workshops that have powerful, impactful methods to explain the issues to young people and prevent them from having alcohol problems in the future.

Apart from the Alcohol Dependent Awareness, this group helps students cope with other aspects of their lives as well. The Mental Health Assessment HK focuses on assisting young people in stress management. KELY Support Group understands how fragile people can get between the ages of 14 and 24. The professionals that manage the programs prioritize mental health so they created workshops that make members understand the real issues, without being overwhelmed with theory.

Practice is much easier for young people to follow. They lose focus if the activity is not interesting and KELY Support Group knows that. For that reason, the Mental Health Assessment HK is a strong, impactful way to get to people; to affect youth positively and increase their chances of having a healthy, prosperous future. Educational institutions and other communities interested in these programs are welcome to contact KELY Support Group and work for the wellbeing of youth in the region.