Monetizing travel blogs

I am sure you have tuned in to at least one travel blog in the past as you were planning your vacation. You could be looking for the best local restaurants to go to in Havana, what to do in Normandy in summer or the most beautiful Christmas market in the world. In any case, browsing a travel blog is always the best and most fun way to find out the answers.

Little do you know how much a successful travel blogger earns a year. Don’t underestimate the money you can make by monetizing your travel blog with ads, sponsored articles, affiliate marketing, etc. Say affiliate marketing for example, you can share on your blog your favorite site to book a hotel or buy travel insurance, then receive a commission every time your reader clicks onto the link and make a purchase. As the audience for your blog grows bigger and bigger, you are likely to get free 5-star hotel stays or even sponsored travel experiences! Imagine Turkish Airlines flying you to Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya for a 2-week vacation and all the company asks of you is to write three sponsored articles. Isn’t that amazing?

To get all those benefits, you have to work hard for your blog. The tips and tricks are as follows. First, remember to include all the stunning photos and videos throughout the trip, they can make your travel stories and guides more engaging and elevate your blog as a whole. Second, you should feature some tourism news and travel news in your blog. Informative news articles can drive people to your blog.