Multifunction Printer HK Brings Innovation to Offices

The innovative multifunction printer HK is massively entering offices in Hong Kong. The product comes from SHARP Corporation, a Japanese electronic giant. This item is created to complete several tasks that are usually completed by multiple devices. Thus, the new SHARP product can print, copy, scan, serve as a fax machine, and also print banners!

SHARP Corporation likes to facilitate complex tasks. They design products that easily do serious work. The multifunction printer HK has a friendly interface that anyone can use. Even people with no experience can quickly learn how to use all functions of this product.

Apart from widely selling the multifunction printer HK, SHARP partnered with local companies to provide IT Solution in Hong Kong. Buyers can call a professional IT team to install the device in the office and show them how to use it. However, that’s not all that IT support can do.

Namely, S.A.S Electric, one of the distributors of SHARP products in Hong Kong, offers a set of IT Solution services. Clients can request Network Setup, Computer Setup, Business Software, Data Backup, and Antivirus installation, among others. Tech support is available across Hong Kong. Whether office workers purchase the multifunction printer HK or not, they can order IT Solution.

Offices in Hong Kong expect to increase productivity and save time with the multifunctional photocopier. Keeping one machine at the office, rather than several, creates more space as well. Therefore, the new SHARP product will not only make the office more efficacious but also more functional and spacious.