Printer ft. IT Solution

Many printers on the market support automatic double-sided printing, which not only improves efficiency, but also reduces paper waste. With the advancement of technology, even small all-in-one printers can integrate color printing, scanning, photocopying and fax functions. What does it take to be an excellent printer? First of all, it needs to be equipped with a multi-page automatic document feeder, which supports multi-page scanning and photocopying to improve work efficiency. Second, it ought to have an ink system specially designed for high-volume printing, which greatly save printing costs and meet huge printing needs.

Aside from selling printers, some HK companies also provide IT solution that includes several years of maintenance, repair and toner supply, so that customers can reduce maintenance and toner costs. In fact, popular IT solution HK have diverse functions. From purchasing new software (company management system, Microsoft operating system, etc.), hardware (computers, servers, etc.) and peripheral equipment, to system diagnosis and maintenance, many HK companies serve to customize IT solution for customers to meet respective requirements and business needs.

If the company’s printer unfortunately fails and colleagues in the IT department happen to be busy with important tasks, do you know who else can help you? Many companies now choose IT outsourcing services because they want to control and save costs, improve efficiency, and effectively manage risk. Common IT outsourcing services not only include remote and on-site IT support, but also formulate procurement strategies on servers and software for the company. Generally, IT outsourcing services touch on non-core businesses, such as upgrading software and systems, routine inspections, and replacing hardware, so that the company can concentrate on the core business.